A Mystery and a Twist

The Father had a mystery before the ages began. This mystery was crafted in a purpose. The depth of the purpose was the extension of God Himself into specially created beings. These beings were to be filled by God and only God Himself. They were to be a true visible image of the invisible God. God had conceived in Himself a creature who would share His Nature, God will have fellowship with them.

And so, God made man, the creature in His own image and likeness. God began to have fellowship with man and man began to know God more. In a moment, the serpent (Satan) came into Eden, man’s abode and began conversing with woman. Not long after, man disobeyed God, became corrupted and lost the most precious thing, the real object of his existence, his God. God sent man out of Eden. In a true sense, the image was no more like the object.

A Promised Remedy
But God who had seen all ages ever and set them in motion knew that man would be corrupted. In His own Wisdom and omnipotence, God did not change the outcome even if He could (Romans 8:20). Rather, He promised the cure and again, the cure was to be a man (Genesis 3:15; Romans 8:21). Just as God had conceived before the ages began, this man would be God’s very image, a complete visible expression of the invisible God.

God made Himself known to some men and used them. He even chose a group of people specially set apart to Him for His use (Exodus 19:5-6). It wasn’t long before men repeated what had happened in Eden, disobedience to God. This was a story of fallen men falling many times over because of corruption now innate. But God put up with them with His great patience and loving correction. All along, there was no one who God had seen as a perfect expression of Himself. When God’s timing came, God Himself stepped into His own creation.

The Whole Man
On this earth, God once walked, Divinity clothed in human flesh, blood running through His veins. The holy prophets saw Him hundreds of years before and called Him Emmanuel (God with us). The angels rejoiced greatly at His birth. Jesus, the Son of God had come. Here was the first man for all time whom the Father stamped His approval one hundred percent. God had finally received for Himself a man living by His own Divine Life and free of all corruption. Jesus was the Whole Man, the complete visible expression of the invisible God and His Life proved it (Hebrews 1:3; Colossians 1:15-20).

If anyone wanted to know what God was like, all He needed to do was to look at Jesus (John 14:9). Jesus was the living image of God. He was the Whole Man; the prototype of God’s dream creature. While pouring forth the power of God: healing all sicknesses and diseases, restoring relationships, casting out devils, speaking the words of Life with power and living above corruption, Jesus was God’s redeemer for fallen men. God Himself had came to redeem man and He did that when Jesus died by crucifixion and rose from the dead on the third day with great power and glory.

There is no one who delights the Father more than the Whole Man. The Father is so pleased in Jesus that He wants every man to be like Him, Whole Men. The Father doesn’t need your money, He doesn’t need something you feel you can give or handle, He wants you Whole. And when He takes a hold of you by you believing in Jesus, His work in making you Whole has only just begun. You can’t handle what God wants for you because it all starts and ends with Him. It’s His Vision.

This is what it means to come up to the full stature of the image of Christ (Ephesians 4:13). This is beyond individual believers becoming Whole, but corporately, the Church becomes well suited together in the Life of Jesus, resulting in all creation seeing one perfect man, one Whole Man. The forerunner has gone ahead of us; Jesus Christ, the Whole Man.


    1. True and wonderful write up. THE GREATEST GIFT THAT ANY MAN CAN EVER HAVE IS GOD HIMSELF GIVEN TO HIM and truly it has been done through Jesus: THE COMPLETENESS OF GOD MADE MANIFEST TO MAN.

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