If our hearts are set on You, we can be sure our words are true,
Because out of our hearts will overflow, Your enormous goodness and love aglow.
Your Holy Spirit, has set our tongues ablaze.
The things we used to speak, we cannot even think,
Because all that is within us are gracious words, holy swords.

A little fire kindles a mighty forest, a tiny spark lays fruitful lands to waste.
Multitudes battle to put out the flame that one little member the tongue has made.

Relationships being built crumble; trust has found no place stable.
Each man speaks deceitfully to his neighbor, spreading nets as traps in safe harbors.

Friends are slandered and backbitten and all sorts of havoc flow from within.
The tongue has murdered more men than guns, swords and clubs put together.

With this member we draw close to Truth, when truly our hearts are far away.
The man who captures a city is enslaved by this little one.
He has no place to go; the tongue has made death his home.
How shall we please our LORD when we cannot tame our tongues?

Behold! From above comes the Wind of God, He blows every chaff away.
And one of His great needs is to set our tongues ablaze.
He puts a tongue of fire on our head, purified seven times.
Jesus has come to cleanse His threshing floor; the Father wants us perfectly done.

Now we call upon our Lord with none other than a tongue from upon on His altar.
We have received a tongue that is not ours; its Lord Jesus who speaks through us.
You knew our need Oh Lord and gave us Your Spirit’s Tongue.

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