We are family, without words it’s clear.

You, my brothers are a delight to our hearts

How can we do without you my sisters?

The bond that is between us, the love that is within us

Is not something we could have conceived

For it breaks down every barrier.


We are family by Divine blood, the blood that Jesus shed.

Drawn out of every tribe, out of the darkness we all have fled.

Education and wealth, and all forms of status cannot stand between us.

We beheld His Glory and were captivated by His Love.

Our encounters were different but the result was the same.

We are unified by Divine passion, Lord Jesus alone has flooded our lives.


We are co-dependent, of one flesh and bone.

Just like Him, we are living stones

And these stones make a house whose foundation is the Rock.

We are forged together, a household stock.

Through offenses, grief and pain- the storms of life

Let us never falter but put up with one another

For the Master’s way is Love and Hope and Faith put together.


Together, we walk beside the streams of water, the Good Shepherd beside us.

We stand together in the dark and the warmth from our Lord keeps us warm.

He leads us to pastures refreshing and sublime, beyond our expectations.

In the presence of our enemies we feast, till they become redeemed.

Were else do we want to be if not with our Shepherd, He is the height of companionship

And we want it no other way.


To You o gracious Lord who before the ages began called us in You

To be blameless and pure, partakers of Your ageless purpose

We offer all that we are, for You alone are worthy of all that is worth.

You consume us with your love, what safe haven You are through the fiercest storms.

You laid down Your Life for us, o that our lives we lay down for You.


You our Lord are the Head of this family, You are the Source of its Life.

You are the Center of its passion, You are the Hope of its future

You are its Vision and Mission, by You came its sin’s remission

And because You fill each member, You are the family.

7 Replies to “WE ARE FAMILY”

  1. Hello Dear Keri, its a nice idea you have. Can you make it into a song? I would like to hear what you come up with.

    By the way, I watched you play the piano on youtube. Still smiling from the encounter.

    Lots of love to you.


    1. brother I have removed all my videos from youtube long time ago! or did I miss anything? Anyways I’d love to try some time, haha.


      1. Really? But I used your name for the search and there I was watching some videos. Maybe you missed something…Its funny to think I watched a video of someone else, hahaha.

        Lots of love to you Keri.


        1. Oh no…I just saw them! It’s not on my channel no wonder. Those are really bad ones I recorded in my school practice room!!! How I wish they can remove them!!!!

          I used to have 10 + videos on my channel. But as I grow older and standard become higher, I find them too embarrassing to listen to, so I deleted them all.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Those are really bad ones? How ignorant I am about playing the piano.

            Hold on to the higher standard Dear Keri but maybe you should privately archive those videos you took down. You may find need for them someday. We all go through stages. Imagine me watching a video of how I struggled to take my first steps as a baby.

            Lots of love to you.


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