When I first came to understand Lord Jesus as the very essence of the Kingdom of God, the understanding changed me in a number of ways.
 Firstly, I stood in greater awe of my Lord. He appeared bigger than I had ever known Him. So full and majestic was He in my new sight that I began to see why the Father endorsed the Son as His “Beloved Son in whom He was completely satisfied”.
Secondly, I was overwhelmed by His ‘magnificent person’. I sat back and pondered in my heart: “Lord Jesus, so You are this Majestic and all along, I didn’t know”. You know the feeling when you have been befriended by a very wonderful person who captures your heart with his genuine friendliness. You look up to him as a mentor, then you suddenly get to know that He is the owner of the estate in which you live. It’s a mixture of marvel and surprise that invokes futher endearment. Same way I felt, mine was much deeper.
Thirdly, my heart was filled with trust in Lord Jesus. More than before, it was reaffirmed to my heart that Lord Jesus is just too worthy of my dependence. I was full of joy that I could completely depend on Him without a care. I am still learning to do this by His power that works in me. He knows the way and more than that, He is the Way, I will follow Him.
Fourthly, I was humility-struck. Every ‘major’ encounter in my life has always met me this way. It makes me just bow my head and say “there is more to You my Lord, You have only just begun Your work in me”. I realize how deep the mystery of His person becomes with each unfolding. How great is the mystery of Godliness.
Fiftly, I was full of thanks to Lord Jesus for His mercy on me, revealing Himself to me in a new way. I have learnt that I cannot hold onto one revelation of Jesus for long. He wants to reveal Himself as He wills. It’s part of growth for me, so I should keep my heart open and my ears keen because I do not know from what corner I will hear my Lord’s Voice next.
Sixthly, all of the scriptures fell into place like never before. I felt like I had touched the center of the circle, every other part became equidistant. New light flowed in on the timeless purpose of God, His purpose conceived before the ages began. It’s beyond words to find yourself a part of God’s great purpose. 
Seventhly, I was consumed with love for the body of Christ more than before. This was because it was through fellowship with the saints, learning from their experiences that the Lord Jesus enlightened my heart and it has happened this way a number of times. Lord Jesus speaks through His body as He wills by His Spirit.
Some of you my dear brethren may have been through similar experiences beyond words with our Lord. It has always been about Christ Jesus, the Center, the All, the Whole. 

One of the articles through which this understanding was made alive to me is presented here.

2 Replies to “A NEW JESUS”

  1. Wow brother, this is my testimony too. The last two points, especially. The Bible unfolded itself as one big narrative and my love for the body has increased eversince. I would say I hope to be trained more to trust in Him because I find sometimes when troubles come, I am still temped to be “double-minded”. Thank you Lord.

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    1. Dear Keri, I praise Lord Jesus with you. I am so glad to have met with you.

      Learning to trust God more comes with experience, especially the troubling experiences. He reveals Himself in a way that we can’t shake off. Then, not even the furnance of the Babylonian King heated seven times over will make us break a sweat. We know that He is able to save and whether or not He chooses to, we refuse to bow.

      We are still growing unto perfection and He has promised not to give us beyond what we can bear. You can handle those troubles through God’s power Dear Keri.

      Lots of Love to you.


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