The Master said “Love, love all, even your enemies”

Love all without exception

Love, both the pauper and the prince

Love, the red, the white, the black and all

Love, both the weak and the strong

Love, both the right and wrong


Love, not because any smiles at you, not because gifts are lavished on you

Love, although the world gives you tribulation, although your troubles undergo multiplication

Love, not to gain commendation, not to receive recommendations

Love, without conditions, without any preconceived notions



Love, not the system of the world, not the pattern of its work

Love, not the lust of the eye that seeks for more

Love, not the lust of the flesh that licks the dust

Love, not the pride of life that perishes in the dawn

Love not the world.


Love, it is your new nature, your regenerate fixture.

Love, you have been empowered to love from on high

Love, it is a fruit of knowing the only true God

Love, your heart to your Lord and His brethren



Love, it covers a multitude of sin

Love, it is greater than faith and hope together

Love, in the end it does not fail or pass away

Love, for this cause God gave His only begotten Son

Love, it is the new commandment from the Son



Love, it is the heart of the Father, Son and Spirit

Love, it is the mark of the Great Good Shepard

Love, it is the sound of Heaven’s Bridegroom

Love, it is the desire and will of all in the Kingdom.

Love, for God is Love.

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