In a world where things are loved as though they were people, and people used as though they were things, the believer in Jesus stands on a different ground: “loving God, loving people, using things”.


Loving Things, Using People

The value of money is continuously appreciating in the hearts of men. Pressure to acquire more is on the increase, even if it means trampling human dignity. Some women willingly give their bodies for money or other ‘favors‘. Unfortunately, some men do the same too.

Brothels are made and driven to top profit with real life humans posing as mannequins, one aim in view: ‘make money’, while losing dignity in every sense of the word. Worse still, prostitution gets legalized in some parts of the world.

Some men pretend to be disgusted by a lady walking the streets in improperly alluring clothing. However, the attitude is for the camera. In their hearts, they desire to have her and behind the scene, they patronize her. Hypocrisy is on the increase.

We hear more songs about “love” more than at any other time in history. However, it seems the “love” being sung about has only done more harm than good.

Love used to be a deep, deliberate and lasting commitment, now it is being reviewed to mean many ‘meaningless’ things, including what goes before a ‘fling’.

It almost feels like staying away from the TV may spare you a good doze of bareness, since nearly unclad women may soon feature on ‘toothpaste commercials’. In a bid to make more ‘things’ out of an already corrupt system, more corruption is put in, 50 shades of hue, to arouse the already corrupt hearts of men.

Our families, our children are exposed to the same shameful things, but do we care? We make excuses that we do what we do in order to give them a brighter future and when they grow up, they will find a way to cope with the mess themselves. Should this be so?

Whatever our philosophy might be, we will all reap the fruit of whatever seed we sow.


My Dear Country Men…

To my country men, have we loved other parts of the world so much as to imbibe even their flaws? We used to to have some values, but we have thrown caution to the wind, in the name of conformity. The negative impact of some borrowed ethics abound with us, yet, worse ones get incorporated by the day.

The upcoming generation have lost identities, they are making much effort to be like what they see on TV, and many on TV are copying others they see on TV. This is about what is trending. 

Man’s true identity lies in God for God made man in His own image and after His likeness.

We witness families split. Men, some with modest homes and decent jobs bid goodbye to their families, wives and children, in the quest for greener pastures, somewhere far away on another continent. Some get into relationships that should never have been. Relationships that are built on deceit and personal gratifications, putting someone else’s joy, sacrifice and life at stake when they have a legal family somewhere else. Bigamy is dishonoring dear country men.

Believers, shine as light in this darkness. Our families are gifts from God to be loved and well catered for, but not at the risk of leaving them for donkey years while dishonoring the good times and commitments we share. The world is passing away and all the cares thereof.

It is no surprise why integrity is worth peanuts in real terms; but for the sake of public perception, people try to give the best impression of integrity they can.

We used to be told that “the patient dog gets the biggest bone”, but ‘modern sages’ tell us that “the patient dog gets no bone after all.”

Pressure is building and parents can’t take it anymore. They pass the pressure off to their children and misguide them to pursue making money and a name at whatever cost.

The rule seems to be: “your life first, money next; as long as you have both, you are alright”. Experience teaches otherwise.


Examining ourselves…the saints 

Some believers get disgruntled. They can hardly accept that “the love of money is a root of all evil” even if the evidence lies all around. They begin to wonder how “godliness with contentment is great gain” since greed seems to pay.

Some start laying their treasures here on earth and state that it is alright to do so, but only after seeking the Kingdom of God first, as though Lord Jesus meant: “first store up treasures in heaven and then you can place the rest on earth”. 

Do not store up your treasures on earth for they will be corrupted and brought to decay…Matthew 6:19-21.

Dear brethren, if we are not sure what Lord Jesus meant, please examine His life and those of His Apostles, they show us what it means.

With all these cares, the insecurities that abound are enormous and even some believers are not free. I have written about these in a series titled “A Feaful Bride


HE came

Jesus came. Born in a manger, farm animals around. He was raised by a carpenter, not one of great social status. He associated with the lowly. He knew needs, he knew suffering he knew poverty, but above all, He knew the Father. Knowing the Father was sufficient. This meant every need would be met, every mountain will be made a plain and every valley will be filled.

Jesus loved people, He loved them dearly and they could see it in His eyes. He told them He loved them and His Life proved it. Some looked at Him from a distance and were judged by His holiness. They would never have ventured near Him, but something about Him was beckoning even without uttering a word.

He could change their lives forever. It did not matter whether they were the city’s leading prostitutes or the most corrupt tax collectors. Jesus came for them and their lives were changed.

With Jesus, they knew that the real life of a man does not come from the abundance of the earthly goods he possesses (Luke 12:15).

He showed them to live a life free of worries. The little blessed by the Father would meet our need, but the real need was not earthly.

If Lord Jesus lived in a palace and lavishly enjoyed all earthly goods, we may have cause to be duly disturbed when our lives don’t seem that way. Our Lord however had no place to lay his head. His Apostles learnt to be content with whatever they had.

There is one lesson that God has been impressing on the hearts of men. Most of the Israelites failed to learn it in the wilderness, but Jesus brought it to light. It is that:

“man’s life is not really sustained by bread (earthly possessions); God’s Word is what really gives him life” (a paraphrase of Deuteronomy 8:3; Matthew 4:4; Luke 4:4).


The Unfading Goal Is To Be like Jesus Christ…

Lord Jesus is Master of all. He overcame by being submissive to His Loving Father, Who has now become our Father. He is the ultimate delight of the Father, the prototype of God’s new creation (also see “The Standard“).

If we understand that we are like Him in this world, we would let His Light, shine in the darkness.

Our utmost devotion is to the Father, revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord. Our love goes out to men, especially those of the household of faith.

To be like Jesus is to live by His Life, above corruption, hypocrisy and the world. Jesus is on the earth today, let the world see Him in you and I, dear saints.


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  1. Amen Dear Sister. Jesus’ light must shine and the darkness will never comprehend it.

    It’s delightful having you around. In what part of Nigeria are you resident?

    I should keep in touch with your blog, I hope you would too.

    More of Lord Jesus to you.


  2. Oh LORD FROM ALL THAT YOU CREATED YOU ASKED US TO LOVE ONLY ONE, You first and our neighbours. Whats happening to this world!! The love of money now stronger and growing rampantly as the days goes by. Evil acts being legallised,something that nature itself is against, many have lost focus of the one who is real and are even more focus on what will perish. All i can say is that as for me there will be no turning back.

    JESUS MY FIRST AND MY LAST, MY BEGINNING AND MY END. Because this world is corrupt and filled with wickedness of all kind, then do i see reason to stand out and be Holy before God. LORD WE NEED YOUR GRACE, AND HELP US TO SAY JUST HAS BROTHER DANIEL. (WE shall not defile ourselves). In All Let Jesus Be Our True Pattern to Follow Always. God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

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