Superiority In Simple Things
The tendency to consider other people inferior to ourselves is a fast spreading flame. Simple daily experiences like having better table manners, or a better command of our mother tongue/lingua franca can aggravate our egocentric tendencies.

This superiority complex goes beyond routine daily activities to specific affiliations such as the family name we bear, our ethnic tribe(s)/country(ies) of origin, institution of attendance or graduation and professional affiliation.

Among peers of similar affiliation, people may still form cliques that assume superiority over non members.

Made In Benin
Consider the Binis of the famous Benin Kingdom, an ethnic group resident in the south-south, here in Nigeria. They take great pride in their rich cultural and historical heritage. Part of their philosophy is that “a native of the Benin Kingdom (Edo) is superior to a native of any other tribe from whatever part of the world“. Many natives follow this philosophy in their daily lives, resolutely propagating the ideology.

A Worldwide Plague 
Around the globe, people battle over superiority on the basis of gender and skin color. Some settings are finely tuned to suppress a specific gender, and, they do it really well. It is pitiful to note how poorly women are esteemed in some cultures.

On the other hand, some people believe that the black skin or any related skin tone belongs to an inferior species of humans who should be avoided and considered a threat to the purity of superior species.

The problems of sexism and racism still abound.

The Root Of The Problem
It all begins in our individual hearts, then it spreads to the home, then a neighborhood, a tribe, a larger coalition, and before we place some caution, someone, somewhere has become indoctrinated with some ideology and begins to enforce it with all his zeal, even if it means mingling the soil with blood and undignifying human dignity.

I have written something about how “allegiance can sometimes be a trail of blood” and hence will not revisit the effects of the second world war. Within and around us lie subtle ideologies that can get dangerously twisted when handled by fiery men.

World Without Walls
When Lord Jesus stepped on this planet in that early year of the first century AD., his home country was in captivity to the most powerful earthly Empire at that time, Rome. As Emporers arose and got replaced, the shakles became more burdensome and the Jews looked forward to their freedom with much expectation. They believed that only the Messiah could give them the freedom they sought. Not only that, they expected the Messiah to establish Jewish supremacy on all the nations.

Where did Lord Jesus take His stand? With the Jews or the Romans? The red, white or black? Male or female? The rich or the poor? The learned or the unlearned? The religious or the irreligious? Government or civilian?

Jesus stood for the New Creature, a special breed, foreign to earth and made in Heaven.

This species run on divine fuel, with innate power to unify both heaven and earth. They are the light of the world that is plunged in the darkness of hate and prejudice. They are the salt of the earth, the peace makers, bridging the gap between God and man and between man and man.


Galatians 3:28

By His blood, Lord Jesus brought together all men of whatever earthly variations into one family.

This family does not consider differences in social or financial status, ethnic origin or other earthly privileges as barriers to loving themselves sacrificially.

Imagine a family with nothing to boast about. No basic pride that causes the various schisms typical of the world. In this family, humility is a driving virtue. Each member counts it a gracious privilege to know the Truth, hence, they extend the hand of love and fellowship to all and sundry in hope that all will come to the saving knowledge of Lord Jesus who does not count earthly descent and affiliation as a basis for segregation.

Ultimate Relationship By Jesus’ Blood
There is no greater bond that wipes away all lines of division and erases all superiority complexes than the bond brought by the unifying power of the blood of Jesus.

The early believers knew this and despite the many earthly diversities, found deep sacrificial love for one another, a strange feat and nearly unimaginable at that time.

If we must make a difference in this world, it would be by the reconciliation power in the precious blood of Lord Jesus. This power makes sexism, racism and other forms of prideful discriminations powerless through love.

God is Love.

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We Are Family


  1. This is a very thought-provoking subject, and it evokes deep Passion.

    I believe this is true that at the deepest level, the core of our Humanity, we are all brothers and sisters in one Grande genealogy.

    And, I believe that as Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we are twice-fold bound in Fellowship, and purpose. We are the brothers and sisters who are aware and alert, that all are brothers and sisters, in one Global family.

    The hierarchies and structures in the cultures and classes that we have developed are merely human devices, and are mostly of the devil.

    All that is in me that is of Christ yearns to connect to all that is in another that is of Christ who, as our creator, is in all of us.

    I pray that we would all, in this world, feel and invoke the connection as global family, and that we would all, in this Fellowship of Christ, become transformed and equipped, and assume our Great Commission. Jesus IS the Ultimate Brigde.

    I am grateful for this conversation.

    Blessings Abundant! Michael.

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    1. You have shared deep thoughts Dear Michael and I agree with you on them all.

      Amen to your prayer for the world and for the saints. Heavenly Father is Faithful to help us.

      I am grateful for this conversation as well Dear Michael and I receive the blessings too.

      More of Lord Jesus to you.

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    1. Amen to the prayer Dear Elihu. You have spoken firm words.

      Pride can subtle, hiding behind seemingly harmless thoughts or assumed sincere actions. It takes the Spirit of God to expose the shadows lurking in the corner.

      There is only one who has walked in absolute humility. He is Lord Jesus and when He lives through us, we begin to experience the victory that only Him can bring.

      Having you here has been refreshing. We should keep in touch.

      More of Lord Jesus to you Dear Friend.

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  2. I loved your thoughtful post, my new-found brother. I’ll be back to see you. Failure to believe the first chapter of the Bible – whatever the excuse – allows missing that we are ALL descended from Adam the first-created. We are family in the flesh indeed. Those born again of Jesus the second Adam, are doubly related as we are new creations, adopted into the divine family on top of our fleshly lineage.

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    1. Remarkable insight Dear Brother.

      The book of Genesis (which includes God’s account of our mutual history) has a strong bearing on this. Failure to believe it can produce catastrophic results. On the other hand, claiming to believe it, while practicing something different has also had unfortunate effects in man’s relationship with man.

      The schisms began with men who disobeyed God. Cain saw himself as different and more deserving than Abel his brother. He fell for the temptation of killing Abel.

      Absolutely, those in Christ are doubly related and the relationship by the precious blood of Lord Jesus has provided the strongest base for us to see our mutual ancestry and above that, move higher into relating with one another from God’s perspective, and not from our flawed fallen nature.

      I hope to see you back soon Dear Brother Jon.

      More of Lord Jesus to you.

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  3. Beautiful post. We MUST see each other with the eyes of Jesus – and the Bible teaches we are to eliminate our earthly segregation. It does not matter Rich or poor, black or white, Jew of gentile, American or African, man or woman to Jesus – he died for us all. Jesus loves us all and so should be as brothers and sisters.

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        1. I can understand.

          Setting priorities and following through on them is one good way of applying wisdom. This reminds me of Ecclesiastes 3:1. There is time for everything. Knowing what to do and when to do it is a great step in progress indeed. Doing what is supposed to be done is the real deal.

          Hope you are enjoying your studies and seeing Lord Jesus more too?

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          1. I love school. I love learning about Jesus everyday. Right now I am in Christian Ethics, Christian Apologetics, Theology II, and Sermon Preperation – all of which require my full attention because they cover ALOT of deep concepts that I rely on the Holy Spirit to aid me in understanding.

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  4. I loved your post. It is strange how we seem to be intolerable of accepting someone who is different from us. Kneeling at the feet of Jesus has a way of levelling the playing field and helping us to at least, in some small measure, come to the realization that we are all different and yet all the same time, all the same. I also heartily agree with your individual and corporate view. Thank you my brother for your insight. Blessings. – Bruce

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    1. You have spoken rightly Dear Brother.

      Lord Jesus unifies men through His precious blood and it is amazing how much grace the world can receive when His light shines through the saints.

      It is only a privilege to serve my Lord.

      More of Lord Jesus to you Dear Bruce.


        1. So good to know that you are getting along better.

          Psalm 119 one kind of an instructive Psalm. There is so much richness and depth in it. I can feel your excitement too. Looking forward to hear from you on the success of the work.

          There is immense love, hope and joy for me over here. I believe things will get better still. The foundation is that, Lord Jesus is alive and His promise to be with me has been steadfast. My health is stable too.

          Thanks for your care Dear Heather.

          Blessings to you.

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          1. That is wonderful news on your part. Today at our church, several new believers were baptized. Some of them were personal friends or the children of friends, so it was a beautiful celebration. I rejoice at so many new brothers and sisters!

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    1. Lovely point Dear Alicia.

      The golden rule is very important, however, I believe Lord Jesus wants us to focus on Him (looking into Jesus, the author and finished of our faith).

      In focusing on Jesus, only then can we really meet creation’s needs with the Creator’s supply.

      More of Lord Jesus to you.


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