Our Words vs JESUS’ WORDS: A Clash Of Experiences

Some people call the name “Jesus” as mere exclamation. Check the movies. Listen to the local conversations and you find out this is true. Some even call The Name in mockery. What about the weird combinations of words such as “holy shit” or “holy f*ck”? What do these words have in common? Could it be “harmless oxymoron”? Maybe unconverted sarcasm?


The Problem

These actions are usually related with the unbelievers. Even when they think they know what they do, they really do not and so we may overlook such actions. If this were the end of abuse of sacredness, we may dismiss the case as having little value. Unfortunately, it will not go away that easily. The real problem is that believers are caught in this attitude. Some do not even know when or how it happens.

Expressions such as “God is good” and “Jesus is Lord” are becoming mere cliches. Empty words spoken by people who should know better can be misleading. There is a depth in the Kingdom of God that goes beyond mere utterance of words. Paul was not joking when he wrote that no man can say “Jesus is Lord without the Holy Spirit” (1 Corin. 12:3). We need to know what he really meant because anyone who can use his tongue and deliberately produce intelligible sounds can say “Jesus is Lord”, not just once, but several times in a moment.


Jesus And Words: The Ultimate Clue

When Lord Jesus spoke, He wasn’t simply uttering informative words. His words were of spiritual essence. He said His words were “Spirit and Life” (John 6:63). He also said His words could make men clean (John 15:3). When He spoke to Nicodemus, He said He spoke what He knew and bore witness to what He had seen (John 3:10-13). The Master did not speak like many scribes, Pharisees or Sadducees who, although may have quoted correctly from the law, lacked revelation that could transform them and those who heard them.

Jesus saw what His Father was doing and replicated it on earth (John 5:19,30). He spoke the Father’s words. He gave the Father’s judgement. Every word He uttered was of Divine origin.

Like Lord Jesus, Paul was speaking about having revelational knowledge; the knowledge that comes only from Holy Spirit. No matter how simple the words might be, the true essence is to communicate revelation of Truth and this ability is resident in the Spirit.

Can you imagine the countenance of Jesus as He spoke about His Father? No one had seen His Father, not the High Priest, not the Pharisees, not even His disciples. The most experience any of them had was hearing the Father’s voice. Unfortunately, even the experience of hearing the Father’s voice was converted to an argument of whether an angel had spoken or whether it was a thunder (John 12:28-29). Jesus nonetheless knew what He said and Who He spoke about. He was not using His imagination. He was relating with reality, the Ultimate Reality.

Whenever Jesus said that the Father loved Him, He spoke revelational Truth of Eternal consequence. When He said He was the Good Shepherd, the Way, the Truth and the Life, He was not making empty claims. Oftentimes, miracles, signs and wonders followed His Words. Jesus never doubted His own words. They were His Father’s Words and His experience with His Father was that His Father Loved Him and that His Father was able to do anything Jesus asked of Him.

The circumstances did not change how Jesus used His Words. Whether He was on a boat about to sink, with twelve disciples screaming for help or receiving words of approval from a potential disciple, His Words were consistently drawn from His experience with His Father.

This experience is observed in the lives of the early Apostles. John says the message they presented to the saints was what they had seen with their eyes, what they had looked upon and what they hand handled (1 John 1:1-2). The experience drove their confessions and their ambitions. It produced a firm faith that defied all opposition including the cruelest death. They could never be dissuaded of either the genuineness of the goodness of God or the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Their words were drawn from beyond the veil and their hope resided in the same realm.


The Summary

Lord Jesus is not interested in our sounding religious. Lots of “God bless you” or “praise the Lord” is no substitute for having revelational knowledge of the Father or Jesus Christ the Son. Saying “God is good” even in difficult situations can still be useless if they are just our words. If on the other hand the words are drawn from the deep recess of revelational experience, there is overcoming power at work to reveal the Glory and Faithfulness of our God.

When next you say “God is good” or “Jesus is Lord”, maybe you should sit back and give some thoughts to the implication of those statements. Truly, God is good and Jesus is Lord, however it is what is born of God that overcomes the world. (1 John 5:4). God has sent the Spirit into our hearts and we cry out Father! Father! God is good! Jesus is Lord!


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10 Replies to “Our Words vs JESUS’ WORDS: A Clash Of Experiences”

    1. Hello Dear Heather. Glad to hear from you. I haven’t been very active in the blogosphere for a while. I have some time now and should be at your blog soon.

      How have you been? What about your family? I hope the book you are working on is getting matured.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t know how I missed this comment -so sorry! I also have not been very actively blogging lately. The last couple of weeks were very busy with family activities, and I have had little time to spend on writing or reading!

        Thanks for asking after us. I had a bad week for headaches last week, but so far this one is looking much better. The Lord has His purposes, and He uses even my pain for His glory in many ways.

        As for the book, I am actually about to expand it after some very wonderful feedback from an editor. All in all, things are wonderful by God’s grace here! Hope you are also well!

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    1. I am delighted hearing from you again Dear Brother. It is a privilege to serve. May the Name of the Lord alone be praised.

      Amen to the prayers you offered. On a personal note, I should contact you later today.

      More of Lord Jesus to you.


  1. Well done Egieukposadoyo, you are absolutely correct! John 5:19 comes to mind. Everything that Jesus did and said was from the Father, Jesus perfectly fulfilled the will of the Father, perfectly. And when you couple that with John 15:5 the linkage is clear. It’s really beautiful when you stop to think about it. Not only did our Father send us His Son but when Jesus ministered He send us His Word and expressed will by His actions. Whenever I read God’s word I try to be mindful of this reality. I really enjoyed your post! God bless you real good my friend. – Bruce

    Liked by 2 people

    1. God bless you too Dear Bruce. I enjoyed reading your comment. Sometimes, we take precious things for granted. The real deal is not of earthly origin and it takes the Spirit to reveal it to us. We also need faith to work by what we have received.

      More of Lord Jesus to you Dear Brother.

      Liked by 1 person

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