My Desire

I do not know how He does it, but He sure does captivate me. He continues to inspire and invigorate me. His impressiveness never declines or stays stagnant. It keeps progressing, never having an end.

This is not because all earthly circumstances are favourable. It doesn’t have to do with living a life of my dreams. The point is, whether or not things go well at every turn, Lord Jesus is the fire of my heart. My heart yearns for Him, desires Him, seeks Him, calls out to Him, whispers to Him, talks with Him, thinks about Him, burns for Him. Despite these, I know there is a greater yearning, a deeper desire and a more intimate longing.

I can say that the deep is calling to the deep and every time the feedback returns, its obvious that there is more that Jesus can satisfy. He is always exceedingly and abundantly able. He starts where I stop. I  know that with Him, “there is more”. “How much more(?)” has never been a question. He always surpasses my longing. Jesus doesn’t just take me to His oasis and fill me up; He makes an oasis in me.

David wrote about his quest for the Living God. He said he was as desperate as a thirsty hart (a kind of male deer) finding its way to the water side seeking to quench its thirst (Psalm 42:1-2). I wonder if David observed how desperately a hart sought for the water brook. He must have have been impressed with how the animal applied its zeal to the task.

Something does stick out here. David did not talk about the hart just seeking water. He wrote about the hart seeking “a place where it could quech its thirst”. In David’s words, reaching the water brook was key to getting water. To him, the hart sought for the brook. The brook held the water to quench its thirst.
Jesus my Lord came offering water. He called it “living water” and promised that anyone who got that water will never thirst again. How great it would be to have that water that springs up to age abiding life. There seemed to be more however. Jesus made His point to the Samaritan: “everyone should be most concerned about the source of the living water because without the source, there would be no water.”

He told her that “if she knew Who spoke to her, she would ask Him for living water and that He would give it to her.” The concept of “living water” and the assurance attached to it is mind boggling. I consider it one of the most radical claims Lord Jesus made. This post for the most part is not about living water. It is about Jesus Christ who gives living water.

Jesus met a Samaritan woman. She had need of water so she went to the well. It might have been routine for her to perform the chore, however, “no day with Jesus is routine.” The woman left her house to draw water from one source. When she got there, she realized there were two sources and she would have to choose which source from which she would draw.

One was an ancient well with rich history of noble men who lived and died. They passed nice traditions down their genealogy. The well was used by Jacob, one of the Patriachs. To use a well by a man as great as Jacob was a privilege. The Samaritans knew nothing better. It was no different for this woman.

The second source was not an inanimate stone well. He was living, breathing, hearing and speaking. Guess what? He sat on the other source (superiority). This second source offered living water and gave remarkable promises. Not only that, He knew her history. He hadn’t met her before but when He began to speak to her about herself, she just had to give double attention. The more she listened to Him the more she became convinced that He was no ordinary man. The second source was not even competing for her attention. He already got.
David said that his soul sought for the living God just like the hart sought to reach the water brook (Psalm 42:1-2). He was experiencing some very rough times when He wrote this psalm. Pain and disappointments abounded. David was at a low ebb of his life (Psalm 42:3,6 & 10).

The Samaritan woman was also in a mess. Pain and disappointments were her reality. She was insecure, a victim of failed relationships. Five failed relationships back to back. Not only that, she was cohabiting with a man who was not her husband. She was also a Samaritan by birth: misguided as regards true worship of the Living God. Her tribe was scorned by the Jews. If Jesus was a typical Jew, He would have had no business being around her, not to mention talking to her or even offering her living water.

Jesus was no ordinary Jew. Although He knew her shameful history, He offered her living water. She didn’t even know what living water was. Her ignorance was revealed in her questions about how living water could be gotten. Although she did not know what living water was, she soon began to know more about the man who had offered her living water. Firstly, she felt he was a prophet. A moment later, she got to know He was the Messiah. Futhermore, her testimony about Him made many Samaritans meet Lord Jesus and believe in  Him as the Savior of the world (John 4:19,26 and 32).

The entire discuss on living water soon became a discussion about Jesus Himself. The source of the living water became the consideration. Jesus became the object of focus and that was what Jesus wanted it to be.

The hart sought for the water brook. David sought for the Living God. The Samaritan desired Jesus. Mine is not any less. I desire Jesus. He is my source and my ability. Without Him I can do nothing. He perfectly satisfies.
Maybe you still seek “something” that He can give. Do you still seek a hope that is affiliated to Him? There is more to Christ my friends. When He meets you at the well, you will forget all you ever cared about and seek Him. You will be amazed at what He can give you but come to the conclusion that “He is your real need”.

These few lines cannot express much about my desire for Jesus my Lord but they do give a hint about my deepest passion. Time will pass and things will change but I will continue to thirst for the living God and the fire of my desire will light up the heavens.

For as long as Jesus is alive, He remains my deepest desire.

Do you find a more compelling desire than Jesus Christ the Lord?

A friend writes about his desire here

20 Replies to “My Desire”

  1. Hi Luminous! I just now found the “conversations” button here on WordPress, and this post was the first thing that popped up. I just want to tell you Hi, and I love all your blog posts, as you know because I’ve stated it before :P! I pray that the valley you are in will soon subside and you will reach the top of the mountain peak real soon. I am here if you need a good listener 🙂 God Bless you abundantly, friend. Hope to read some of your inspired wisdom soon!


    1. Hello Dear Friend. I want to really say how thankful I am to hear from you. Lots of gratitude for the encouragement and the prayer too. Heavenly Father is utterly Faithful, spotless Good and immaculately Just no matter what happens. May His Holy Name be praised forever.

      When the time is right I will be available to write and fellowship with you again. Thanks for lending listening ears. I will try to reach you if something arises that I may need to talk to you about.

      Please take care.

      More of Lord Jesus to you.


    1. My Dear Jerry Parks. Thank you so much for your kindness of reaching out to me.

      The recent times have been a stormy period for me. Despite that, God is Faithful and Lord Jesus is the my deepest Desire and my only Hope.

      When it is time, I will be available again by God’s Grace and we will be in fellowship.

      Please send me a message on and I will respond to you.

      I will love us to keep the conversation going.

      Lots of Love and more of Lord Jesus to you,

      E. Luminous Aghosa.☺


    1. My Dear One, you are so kind to have remembered me. I have been very busy this period, not because of Christmas though…I take everyday alike and Christmas season is no exception.

      I pray we both have rapturous moments in His Presence.

      Please forgive my delayed response.

      More of Lord Jesus to you.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear One. Please pardon my delayed response. I have not been on the blogosphere for a consistent while.

      Lord Jesus is All to me. May His Holy Name be praised.

      I miss conversing with you. We will have some more time soon.

      More of Lord Jesus to you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My Dear One, you are so kind to have remembered me. I have een very busy this period. Not because of the Christmas though…I take everyday alike and Christmas season is no exception.

        I pray we both have rapturous moments in His Presence.

        Please forgive my delayed response.

        More of Lord Jesus to you.


    1. It is always a delight to hear from you Dear Annie. Please feel free to share by using the link. The terms and conditions for sharing are listed at the bottom of the blog.

      I look forward to seeing your poem. I receive the Love.

      More of Lord Jesus to you Dear Anne.

      Liked by 1 person

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