I really did not see this long break coming, but it did come. Things happen and changes rapidly occur too. How quickly people come and go. While there might be hope of meeting some who leave us in a couple of months or years to come, we will never again meet some loved ones or affiliates in this world. They cannot relate with this world as we do because they have ceased to exist like mortals do.

The world is really passing away, but I see this truth much clearly than ever before. Relationships are passing away. Delights and pleasures are transient. Our bodies are perpertually on a journey…to decay. All accomplishments, both good or bad are becoming articles for history. Wealth stored up or glories attained are like the flower of the grass, blossoming for no longer than a piece of iodine subliming in air, leaving nothing but cold and memories of the feeling.

This firm reality sticks out to me much more as the days go by. There is a statement (by Frank Viola) that strongly captures the essence of this experience.

“Everything eventually fades away, apart from Jesus Christ”

It’s the stark reality of the realm in which we find ourselves. The word “ephemeral” is written all over the observable universe. The stars are dying. The earth is wearing away. The moon is growing old and cold, just as the entire universe suffers under corruption and decay. John expressed this reality as clearly as we needed to see and be warned about the futility of investment in things not worth much.

And, the world, passeth away, and the coveting [thereof], but, he that doeth the will of God, endureth unto times age-abiding” (1 John 2:17; Rothaham’s).

John was testifying to what he had heard from the Master, the Eternal Son, who became flesh and shared in corruption so that He, through corruption would establish incorruption at the fullness of time. Lord Jesus said:

Be not laying up for yourselves treasures upon the earth, where, moth and rust, do tarnish, and where, thieves, dig through and steal; but be laying up or yourselves treasures in heaven, where, neither moth nor rust, doth tarnish, and where, thieves, dig not through nor steal: for, where, thy treasure, is, there, will be, thy heart [also”] (Matthew 6:19-2; Rothaham’s).

Through all these, Christ is all in all. Although the world will pass away and the earth will be rolled up like a worn out cloth, it will ultimately have served the Master’s purpose in bringing to effect His timeless purpose and then all things will be made new. We will see clearly that:

“Jesus Christ is all. Everything else is commentary” 
– Frank Viola.

This should be the case because all things were made FOR HIM and BY HIM (Colosians 1:16) and they are all FOR HIS DELIGHT (Revelation 4:11). They all become shadows in His Light. He is the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Everything else reflects His Glory in a dim measure. The temporary beauties and delights we see in this world are a flicker of His Majesty, dim shades of gray pictures of full coloured Majestic Splendor. The hurts and pains are a reminder of the broken world. The aches remind us of a home that will eventually fade away. On the other hand, our hearts long for the ultimate hope, to attain the extravagant promise of God, concealed in Christ the Lord. The Spirit gives us insight to this hope and a taste of the Glory that will be revealed.

Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27).

As it turns out, the world is not ultimately about itself or about us. It is all about Jesus Christ the everlasting Lord. So, come and let us:

Breath Jesus,

Think Jesus,

Talk Jesus,

Eat Jesus,

Drink Jesus,

Dream Jesus,

See Jesus,

Smell Jesus,

Hear Jesus,

Touch Jesus,

Taste Jesus,

Live Jesus, and

Become the fullness of Jesus.

Let each one, everyone be consumed with Jesus, not anyone or anything transcient.


Everything eventually fades away apart from Jesus Christ.

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  1. I really like what you’re saying here. Count me in! I discovered you while reading your conversation with Amphibioussoul. I really enjoyed that site too. Looks like I have some great reading and great thoughts to pursue. I hope I can add to. You are so right in this article. Scripture refers to our earthly temple as “the body of death”. And yet so many people build their whole life on this body of death. Jesus called it a “sand castle”. And recommended a castle of Rock! Praise God! A word to the wise. I’ll be reading more soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Lord Jesus You Are Eternity Yourself.
    You Are The Hope Of Our Salvation.

    Liked by 1 person

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