The evil(s) done by several [radicalized] religious and non religious groups in these last years, and even going down the last century is sometimes beyond words. The world may never forget the atrocities caused by these insurgents.

History has inscribed their tales with blood and will not forget them in a hurry.

But, what about the ‘other’ insurgence? What about the ‘other’ insurgents? What about the “Insurgent”?

There were no news stations to show who this Jesus was, but all who met Him or heard about Him knew that He was a strange man. He was a radical, an heavenly “Insurgent”. He overturned the wisdom of the religious elites and rewrote age-long traditions. He could not be classed as either ‘religious right’ or ‘progressive left’.

He befriended the despised, lifted the oppressed and gave company to sinners. He touched the untouchables and welcomed the outcasts.

His allegiance was not to any flag of the then world, neither is it to any today. He knew the ‘influence of’ and gave His allegiance to only one Kingdom. That

was the Kingdom of God.

He was the only unstoppable human to sin, death, grave and hell. He made a mess of the kingdom of dakness. Jesus was unstoppable then (millenia back) and, guess what?

He is much more unstoppable today. How is that so?

Glory! Jesus has been glorified!

He has become the unrestrained “Life-giving” Spirit. What significance is that for anyone? The Lord Jesus imparts His Life- the Life that raises “insurgents” for the Kingdom.

These “insurgents”  are not “committed Christians” as many know or imagine them to be today. They are not the familiar “church-going, bible carrying, tongue speaking, pulpit preaching, tract sharing, blog writing…” Christians we know today.

The Lord Jesus has laid His hands on them and they have surrendered to Him…but not in the way we know “surrender”.

How many can feel this insurgence? Do you know what this means?
Watch out for the next post because there will be more on the “insurgence”. You don’t want to miss this.


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