When God means business, He does it, pouring out all His Holy Zeal into it. But, He goes about His business…His Way.

“God’s Way is as important as God’s end” (T. Austin-Sparks).

Make no mistake: “all roads, all paths, all ways DO NOT (I emphasize again: “DO NOT”) lead to God’s end.

God’s end is achieved God’s Way. God’s business is achieved by God’s strategy and the result of God’s business being done God’s Way is GLORY. 

Whenever anyone has tried to achieve God’s end by some way other than God’s Way (even with sincere motives) the end has never been Glory. Do we need scripture to back this up? 

Talk about: 

David moving the ark on a cart drawn by animals instead of using the shoulders of sanctified priests. The Most High didn’t see that and say “well, the ark is being moved anyway…David is still getting the ark moved to a resting place and he is sincere in his motives”.  The man trying to stabilize the ark was killed instantly and God had no apologies for that. Motives were not an excuse. 

Moses got so angry with the people of God and lost his temper. He struck the rock. Water flowed out abundantly and the people drank and quenched their thirst. It looked like God’s end was reached by some way other than “speaking” to the rock. But, that was the end for Moses’ journey into the land of promise. 

Annanias and Sappira showed up with a good deal of (financial) contribution and placed it at the Apostles’ feet. But they came lying to the Holy Spirit. The result was that, both husband and wife died and got buried that same day. 

There are many more examples of such in the scriptures: Balaam, King Saul, Israel in the wilderness and on and on.

Do you notice that ‘death’, not ‘glory’ is the result of trying to reach God’s end by some way other than God’s Way? This is not always physical death, but death does sure come knocking. 

On the other hand, the way that leads to “life”, the way that leads to “glory” is only one way…God’s Way. We can be sure about that. 

God is as serious about His way as He is about His end. 

So, what is the Way of the insurgence? God’s Way; but not as is familiar to most believers.

The “insurgents” we spoke about in the earlier post have received true revelation of God’s Way. Not their interpretation of God’s Way but God’s interpretation of His Way. 

Their lives cannot be the same again. 

This is just “the way of the insurgence”. Stick really close because there is much more in the Wind of this insurgence. 


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