The little girl admired the cute and colourful fishes in the pond. She wanted to be a fish! So she aksed her dad to enroll her for swimming lessons. What did she learn after learning to swim?

 “It took much more than swimming to be a fish. There was something that couldn’t be seen that made a fish a fish and she would never be able to have it no matter how much she faked it.” 

 She gave up her quest. 

Giving up, surrendering, letting go, is the healthy result of knowing the truth of the insurgence. Unfortunately, this basic truth is nearly lost among believers today. But, what does giving up mean and what do the insurgents give up on? 

The truth of the insurgence is wrapped in these: 

1. You cannot, your never could and you never, ever, ‘efva’, will be able to see, understand, not to talk of becoming an insurgent. It is impossible.

2.  The only person who could live this life still is and will continue to be the only person who will be able to walk this way. 

3. It’s an all or none encounter, He alone or no one. No company is allowed.

T. Austin-Sparks has very well expressed it: 

“This new way of life is too narrow such that you cannot take yourself along. You must leave yourself behind”. (paraphrase).

4.  It’s not about you, it never was, and it never will be. The insurgence has nothing to do with any “-self”. You can make no contribution even with your greatest sincerity and zeal.

Does this sound frustrating or disturbing? To the insurgents, it doesn’t, rather, its the “good news”. It is liberating, relieving and beautiful. 

Only One Person is required and the requirement does not change, ever! 

5. The Truth of the Insurgence is that only He who is called the Truth is in charge from the beginning to the end. 

Someone has put this beautifully: 

“I must do everything for a dead christ; a living Christ does everything for me”(paraphrase).  

Do you see why this is a call to an unfamiliar surrender? 

Stick really close because you do not want to miss what is next. 

If you are just reading this post, it is part of a series and you may want to know where we are coming from. For earlier parts of the series, click here.

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