As I write, Nigeria mourns the death of over one hundred of her citizens to the attack of insurgents in Jos, Plateau state. One just cannot help but feel the pain and grief of such losses, both of man and property. 

In addition, news sources have stated that over one hundred people were injured in the encounter. The polity is heated up. Accusations and counter accusations fly about while people hope that a lasting solution will find a way in the scheme of things. 

Insurgents, carrying weapons of human destruction have not ceased despite the many attempts at conflict resolutions and calla to live in peace. Some just won’t listen. To them, a call to peace isn’t the answer and it seems the loss of human lives is more like a temporary appease to their blood-thirsty venture.

But maybe the war on the outside is just a reflection of the war within. The insurgent has a war in his life and what he does on the outside is a release of the hate, anger, frustration, rage, unsettlement, insecurity, etc in his life. 

This is so painful to the sufferers and onlookers. 

But, what about the other ‘insurgents’, those I wrote about in last three posts? What is their Life? 

What happens when an army of  these ‘other’ insurgents take over the land? These are people who have lost their pride, their insecurities, their ambitions, dreams and aspirations. They have lost their hate, rage, self centeredness and quest for retaliation. They want no name, no fame, no gain, no nothing for themselves. They have literally lost their lives. 

The Life of these insurgents is: “Jesus Christ” and Him alone. What happens when these broken men and women who have humbled themselves under God’s Mighty Hand and have faithfully carried their crosses daily are revealed? 

There would be abundance of love, joy, peace, righteousness, deliverance, patience,  longsuffering, gentleness…talk about the fruit of the Spirit. In addition, the rule of God in power through the Spirit will be seen at work in them and through them. 

The above sounds like the world we all look forward to right? You may want to go back and read the last two paragraphs just before the one above and have a glimpse of the cost of surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ in this insurgence. 

It is a ‘devastating’ thing to be captured by the Lord Jesus. You die and He becomes your life.

This is the life of the insurgents: Christ and Christ alone. 
You have to stick around because there is much more coming about what these people heard from the wind of the insurgence that radicalized their lives for Jesus Christ. 

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