The years have never been free of bloodshed. Unfortunately, the recent acts of terror in Nigeria spring up fresh memories of past atrocities. Past hate, fresh tears, fresh agonies.

Aren’t we supposed to be almost two decades away from the twentieth century which has been dubbed the bloodiest century in human history (clearly more than 100 million people were killed in the wars of that century)? It doesn’t even seem so. The world still stands in shock of present day bloodshed and violence.

Citizens flee their homeland.

No place truly is like home because home has become the cruelest and least secure place to be.

The physically maimed are fortunate to escape with their lives, but they soon realize that they have also been maimed psychologically. They will have to put up with their physical and psychological frames.

In some places, the rays of the rising sun bring fear: fear of fresh attempts to increase human suffering and fear of insecurity. Daylight which used to be a deterrent to acts of terror now provides better vision for insurgents walking the streets.

Sunset used to be beautiful but it has become the time when people mourn in silence the departure of neighbors, friends and loved ones who were with them earlier in the day but whose bodies they may not even find.

Whatever the fight is about, could it ever be worth the bloodshed?

If there are lessons to be learnt, one core one may be that what you call war may be what some others call the way to peace. And if they do not have things their way, they will not relent.

Do you remember the Munich Olympics of 1972? At a time when the world expected ‘peace’, some armed men would play only by their own rules.

What was expected to be a period of ‘world peace’ became a battle ground for human lives. Sweat and tears flowed. Blood mingled with dust and the world soon continued with another bloody day in history.

I could go on and on about the activities of men who have given allegiance to a false lord, a false cause, a false hope and a false future. These, unfortunately, are things virtually everyone knows something about.

If you happen to read this post and you live somewhere free of the turbulence, hate, crimes and wickedness typical of (seemingly) less fortunate lands, “value the opportunity and redeem the time”.

This time…this opportunity you have is one in which you seek the Lord Jesus with all your heart, not in the way you have sought Him before. Let go of the Jesus of the status quo. My friends, seek the Jesus Who (by experience) never wears out.

Do not settle for the “pop Jesus” who is satisfied with you doing your best to get Him pleased (or so the people have said). The True Jesus knows you cannot please Him at your sincerest best. He never asks you to try to please Him.

He tells you to surrender, to loose your life so He becomes your life. He tells you to take up your cross and follow Him.

There is a knowledge of Jesus that is sufficient for today but not sufficient for tomorrow. Do not waste your years. Do not fall asleep in the ease. Shake off every weight and press on into the Lord Jesus.

For those in untold sufferings and difficulties, press on in Christ. Do not give up. The Lord loves you and so do I, so do we your brethren. May the fire of the affliction heat up your devotion to this world’s true Lord, Jesus Christ and may you soon find rest from the torment.

As I write these last lines, my heart is deeply burdened by the overwhelming loyalty of insurgents to false causes, while the children of the True and Everlasting Lord and Prince of Peace are content with lukewarmness and shallow tradition based Christianity.

It is pitiful that the children of the Kingdom are content with lukewarmness and shallow tradition based Christianity.

May the Lord help us.

The Insurgence! series is still on. Stay tuned. You don’t want to miss what is next.


  1. So good to hear from you. I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a bit and happened to have a few moments to read today. Glad I did. I have prayed for you and so I’m glad to hear from you. I will continue to pray for your countrymen.

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  2. “It is pitiful that the children of the Kingdom are content with lukewarmness and shallow tradition based Christianity.”

    It’s heartbreaking that Satan can lead so many souls in his deceptive and destructive purpose, while at the same time so many of those who would reject him and fight him in the name of God and all that is good, are sleeping.

    “Shake off every weight and press on into the Lord Jesus.”

    God forgive us, God help us.

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