There is a story of a young doctor who was born with a silver spoon. She gave up her personal dreams, comfort, a well paying job and the prestige of her family name.

She wanted to reach out to the poor and sick people on the other side of the country.

Whatever she saw in them that gave her such a powerful persuasion that she wanted to be with them, no one really knew.

She got married to a man who would spend much of his life among the needy people. She quit her job, said farewell to her family, friends and the world she had known all her life. Off she went to a land unknown to her and truly, all she ever knew was going to be past.

She tasted the poverty. She felt the grief for loss of lives over very treatable sicknesses. She put in all her resources in the work until she had nothing more.

There were days she would weep over her inability to help, even though she wanted to. There were days she wanted to quit but, looking at the needy people, she saw something worth so much in them and she put her bags down again and set out to work.

The people had much value to her and she just couldn’t quit as long as she could see the value. Only something of greater value could win her over.

The above story is not about some philanthropic gesture. It is about worth, surpassing worth.

When you set your eyes on something of great worth (by your assessment) and you have have the means of getting it, you could abandon whatever may be in competition and pursue it with great zeal.

Where are we headed?

Many believers are lukewarm because they have not set their eyes on the all-surpassing worth, glory, beauty, revelation and Person of the Lord Jesus.

They do not have a clue about how He can be utterly dynamic yet the same, yesterday, today and forever.

To some, He has been reduced to a chore of traditions, a boring ritual.

To some others, He is just that person with whom they met some time ago in the past. Nothing more today. They keep basking in the euphoria of stale spiritual experiences.

For others yet, He is not someone with whom they have any tangible relationship. They know Him as someone else’s Jesus and since being a Jesus follower (or at least claiming to be one) is trendy, they do not mind joining the crowd. By the way, isn’t there supposed to be safety in numbers?

Some have zeal, but not for the Lord Jesus. Their zeal are for “things” about Him. There is a very subtle difference here, but things about the Lord Jesus are way different from the Lord Jesus Himself. [For insight into this, visit the link:


Some had glimpses of His Majesty but were shortchanged when the storms of life came knocking. The cares of this life and the deceit of earthly riches hit them hard. They may not have intended to walk away, but “no one can serve two masters in this realm”. With time, they unconsciously chose their new lord and went into self-service.

Despite the prevalence of these dysfunctions, there are others who have set their eyes on Him, counted the cost, taken up their cross, put their hands on the plough and continued to look up to Him.

As steadfastly as the day breaks and the sun sets, so the Lord Jesus has ever been dynamic to them. As the need for air, nutrition, water and rest is needed for their physical bodies, so Christ is their Life through and through.

They have set their eyes on the One of all-surpassing worth and have surrendered completely to His cause.

They look into eternity from eternity. To them, nothing makes any sense except because of Him and everything is because of Him.

You can see Jesus in their eyes. Their lives emits a fragrance of Eternal Life. They live “from eternity to here and back to eternity”.

They are continuously at the Master’s Feet in the School of the Spirit and are strongly united together with the body of Christ.

There is an expression that is always on their heart, the signature of it is on their lives: It is Christ alone who lives, not I.

It is “Christ alone who lives, not I”.

Welcome Christ in the true insurgents.

Hang on friends, there is more coming in the Insurgence! series and you don’t want to miss it.


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