My Contact With the R-rated Gospel (Part 1)

I grew up in a family with parents who had encountered the Lord and I do not remember the first time I heard the basics of the gospel. However, I had met the Lord (or the Lord had brought me to Him) at a very young age.

I think I was some years below ten at that time, maybe 5 or 6 or so.

The journey of my experience into the Lord Jesus is meant for another time, but I had an undeniable relationship with my Lord. As the days went by, He became more real to me. He kept winning my heart intimately to Him. I was tasting of His Divine Romance.

Then, suddenly, tragedy struck.

The foundations of the Jesus “I knew” were shaken. My understanding of spiritual service and fervency experienced an earthquake.

My spiritual compass was reset.

A revelation of the Lord Jesus hit me and my life was never the same again.

(I call this a tragedy because since that time, I could never be content with religious routines or traditions or mainstream Christianity. The revelation set me in a wild chase of the never ending Jesus Christ)

I will not attempt to share this revelation in this post, but I have made an attempt to share it in some previous posts. However, I usually refer people to the write up which God my Father used to knock me out of shallow waters.

This is the link to the write up:

I hope you find patience to read it. I also pray that the Lord will give you revelational knowledge of Jesus Christ through it.

Knowing Christ is by Revelation, not Information.

Back to my story please.

In the eyes of God, I was in very shallow waters. Unfortunately, people around me thought that I was a good example of one who had touched the Lord and was pressing into Jesus with desperation.

This revelation of Jesus Christ that reset my Spiritual Compass WAS NOT my contact with with the R-rated Gospel. It wasn’t.

But, it was a powerful taste of the power of the Kingdom. I caught a glimpse of the true reason for the kingdom of God.

I caught a vision of the only Focus of the Kingdom of God.

I had an encounter with the Lord Jesus.

But what happened to me afterwards only brought me crashing down on my knees.

In the next post (which will be published within 48 hours from this), I will continue the story of my contact with the Gospel which I call R-rated.

Sit close and keep your fingers crossed.

(The experience I shared on this post was granted to me by the Lord through the writings and blog of a dear brother named Frank Viola.

The link I shared above is a link to his blog. Feel free to delve deeper).

*Click the link below for the next post in this series:

7 Replies to “My Contact With the R-rated Gospel (Part 1)”

  1. Jesus Christ our Lord is much bigger than we know. Unfortunately, religious routines have hindered the real relationship in many ways. Sometimes, God has to knock away what we hold in our hands in order to get our attention. I will be right to say: “the Lord has only just begun with me” and it is not being modest. It is truth.

    Thanks for reading Bosede.


  2. Wow…that I may know Him and the power of His ressurection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death…

    I love the part about knowing Christ not through information but revelation. I usually say that, for anyone to say “Jesus is Lord of my life”, they must have had their own personal and unique encounter with Him. This is what our generation needs in order to forsake the world and cling to the Cross of Jesus. We need a divine encounter and after that, our lives would never remain the same. Looking forward to reading about yours.

    Liked by 1 person


    Liked by 1 person

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