My Contact with the R-rated Gospel (Part 2)

In the previous post, I began my story. It is the story of my journey which began but is yet beginning. I now continue that story with a question.

How far can you go when Jesus Christ is the point of reference?

This question is extremely difficult to answer.

Let me explain.

In academics, you can climb to the peak. But does it ever go beyond Professor Emeritus?

In sports, you can become the world’s number 1 and end up a legend. What more can you aspire to attain?

You can become a music legend with records of hitting the top music board with ten songs of yours as the top ten (at the same time). You may even win all awards pertaining to entertainment, but what more after that?

In all of the above instances, you can be sure that you have attained something, but, the “problem” with knowing Jesus Christ is that no matter how deep you may go into knowing Him, you still seem closer to the shore than to wherever the sea bed might be.

With Jesus Christ as the point of reference, no matter how deep you go, you kind of feel that the journey has just begun.

The more Jesus Christ fills you, the emptier you become. The more you eat of Him, the hungrier you become.

You cannot get enough of Jesus Christ. This is what the R-rated Gospel brings you to.

The above is part of my experience, my story.

The experience of never being satisfied with the measure of Jesus Christ I had received had a dire consequence (it still does).

Allow me to illustrate what I mean.

I learnt that there is a depth to which a human can swim unaided in a sea. If he should go beyond that limit, he will experience a crushing pressure that results in difficulty in breathing, interference with his blood pressure and other terrible experiences which would lead to his death.

If he must cross that boundary safely, he must depend on some special diving device suited to the make him survive the adverse conditions under the water.

He must accept that he has come to an end of his biological and adaptive abilities with respect to the journey. He must accept that he has come to an end of himself, and take up the proper swimming device, otherwise, the journey will be suicidal.

This was my experience (and it still is). I came to the end of myself.

I came to the end of my understanding of what I thought I knew and what I thought I could do. I gave up on trying “my best” to be what Jesus never intended me try to become.

I came to the end of myself and surrendered to the Lord Jesus in a way I never had surrendered before. It was clear that I could not go further except by surrendering all to Him.

At that point, I realized that my Lord had just begun with me. I feel that way virtually everyday till date.

Jesus took me to the end of myself. It was then, He began with me.

Literally, the gospel brings you to the end of yourself and keeps you there.

I realize that there are greater depths of surrender than I have experienced or I can even imagine. I seek to lay all on the altar for a burnt offering for my Lord’s delight.

It is amazing that many of the most overwhelming truths that have recently hit me are what some brethren have called the basics of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When with such brethren, I keep quiet and pray that the Spirit of the Living God may grant me wisdom and revelational understanding of Jesus Christ my Lord as I learn and humbly ask questions.

The Lord has granted some persons access to greater depth. I cannot deny this.

One such person who has been a blessing of monstrous proportions in the unveiling of Jesus Christ through the R-rated Gospel is Frank Viola.

The book “INSURGENCE: RECLAIMING THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM” is his exposition of this gospel that destroys foundations.

I have found it necessary to recommend this book because the message it carries is of Eternal Consequence.

I receive no payment, no gratification whatsoever for recommending this book. All I seek is that the message that caused a revolution in the hearts of both Jews and Gentiles and united them under the world’s True Lord should be accessible to all. That includes you my dear friends and readers.

This message is part of my story. It is shaping my life, my history and my inclinations. It is tearing down my ambitions, my dreams, my aspirations and my desires.

Through this gospel, I have set my eyes on the Lord Jesus and have found Him deserving to do what He desires with me as I lie still on His Holy Altar.

Let go of what you hold and let Jesus lay hold of you through this Gospel.

One again, I recommend this book “INSURGENCE: RECLAIMING THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM” by Frank Viola.

(Ebook and hardcopies available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and among other suppliers)

In the next post, I will share the interview I had with this dear Brother, Frank Viola regarding this book (Insurgence: Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom).

I count it a privilege to share the message that is still changing me.

Keep your fingers crossed.

In Christ alone,

E. Luminous Aghosa.

14 Replies to “My Contact with the R-rated Gospel (Part 2)”

  1. “The message it carries is of Eternal Consequence”, I love that quote from you. Your messages are of eternal consequence as well. The hunger, desire and passion you have toward our Savior Jesus is very contagious and very inspirational to those of us that feel the exact same way as you.

    In Christ Jesus there are some things you reverence; one is being cognizant of the fact that things have “Eternal Consequence”; and another is the more you get to fellowship with Jesus the “much more” you want to. It’s an insatiable desire and you expressed it well.

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  2. I am so glad that someone so young could desire Jesus unapologetically and without reservation. One of the things God had to teach me last year was overcoming dependency on others and relying completely on Him. We should ask ourselves, “Am I ready to forsake all for the cause of Christ?” “Am I prepared to lose all for Jesus?” It is only when we have experienced the Lord at a deeper level that we can see and value nothing except Him and the process of becoming more like Him.

    Join me in prayer, to not lose sight of the Lord and walk in perfect obedience. I don’t want to continue on this journey without a much deeper and intimate walk with Him. Glory be to His Name for revealing Himself to you. You are blessed.

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    1. I am literally afraid to speak about the cost of following Christ as in my experience because. It is extreme. Sometime ago, I wrote a post on that. Here is the link:

      I hope you find it encouraging.

      Till date, I know that the Lord is still yet to get the sort of devotion and surrender He desires from me, so I cast all at His Feet (have I really cast all at His feet? He alone knows.)

      The Lord is more willing to reveal Himself to us than we are willing to seek Him. Bosede, He definitely will draw you closer as you seek Him with all your heart. You can be sure of that. As time goes on, by His Grace, we will have more opportunity to share and experience the Lord Jesus.

      With you in prayer.

      Thank you for reading.


  3. Hi Egieukposadoyo, I read both parts 1 & 2 of the G-Rated Gospel posts. Very interesting insights and I would seem to share the conclusions you have come to. I’m not sure if I see it as clearly or deeply as you do but so much of what I read within the Bible as of late and even in prayers, seems to point to the same focus. Your posts persuade me that the understanding that I have requested of God and am being given, by the Holy Spirit, are heading in the same direction that you have indicated. I’m currently using the Classic Amplified Bible, I’ve read through the NT twice recently and am now going through the OT with new eyes. I thank you for sharing, sincerely appreciated. Grace and blessings!

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    1. My dear Sir, words literally fail me in expressing the Jesus Christ who is unfolding before me eyes. Like you wrote, new lenses can mean an entirely different vision. When Christ leaps out of every page of scripture and every biblical conversation seems to have Jesus encoded somewhere, one can’t help falling in love in Him and seeing the great purpose the Father has had all along.

      I hope we all continue to fall in Love with the Lord as we see Him as He really is.

      I look forward to more of your posts.

      Truly, worthy is the Lamb!

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