What is this mountain so large in my sight?
At the sight of you I have no strength to climb.
Confused and in despair I stand and stare.
Out of my feeble lips come: “Lord help me”.

I’ve been torn and battered for donkey years.
Yet more difficulties pierce me like a spear.
The pressures of life brought me to my knees.
I have known great grief and hunger and shame.

This feeble life of mine was only spared
Among all that I’ve lost in recent years.
O you mountain, why do you block my way?
How much are my chances to cling to life?

What are you, this fire, ravenous and fierce?
I can feel your heat from many miles far.
You come from behind with such reckless speed
As both my knees now fail from loss of strength.

A short while ago I was on death’s bed.
The beating of my life left me for dead.
But here am I again with life in me
And enemies set to barbecue me.

Is this the cost of carrying my cross?
Are these the perils when you leave the world?
Are these the tribulations saints must face?
Are these His sufferings I have come to share?

I have spoken only all that is true:
For through His death Jesus disarmed them all.
I have lived only by love, faith and hope:
Treating everyone with the love of Christ.

I have seen the Son of Man lifted high
I have walked the paths angels fear to tread
I have seen the promise far at the end
I have loved His Body, His Glorious Church.

Come now all you foes: death, hell and the grave
My body now dies yet I am made new
I have lost all things, some dear, some common
Yet I’m more than a conqueror through Christ.

In this dilemma of mountain and fire,
Like all days passed, Lord be my strength.
Let this day testify: You won my case.
Take all, I come to see You Face to face.

-E. Luminous Aghosa.

14 Replies to “MY MARTYR SONG”

    1. Hello Bosede, its nice hearing from you again. Please send me a message using the contact form on my CONTACT PAGE. You shouldn’t have any difficulties using the form if there are please let me know. I will appreciate details your email address. If you are in Nigeria, I will appreciate your phone number, if not please still send it. I will connect with you on as many platforms as possible.

      I hope you enjoy the latest post: titled “MARTHA’S LOVE TALE”. Here’s the link:

      If you have a specific post you may want me to read on your blog, please post the link in your reply below.

      Much grace in Christ Jesus our Lord.


  1. Good Morning brother and thank you for these words of encouragement. We will go through many trials for the sake of Christ but we must be willing to trust in Him whatever comes. God bless you for your unshakeable faith in Him. Stay connected to Jesus.

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  2. E. luminous my brother, I don’t know that I have ever had explained to me in any more depth of understanding the Christian walk. But at the same time I can feel that your pain is greater than most Christians could ever bear. I don’t know the cause of your pain but I as your brother wish that I could somehow release it some way, I pray that your inner man will rise to even higher heights than the depths of your pain my brother. You are one bright light in this darkening world.

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