Martha, Martha, what happened to you?
Young, beautiful, athletic and full of life,
Your laughter was hearty, loud and clear.
Smart, in looks, books and common sense
But what happened between you and him?

We remember that day like yesterday.
You came to us blushing, controlling your breath
Your first meeting with him was amazing.
You were swept off your feet,
How he made you feel like a queen.

The macho man girls talked about
His charming smile made them daydream.
Tall, he walked shoulder high above the rest,
Handsomeness introduced him wherever he went.
He rolled his words like finest silk.

His friends were guys from wealthy homes
And all ladies pleasing to behold.
He looked like one who sought out fun.
And had a car to make his runs
He saw innocence in your eyes.

Martha our friend, what became of us?
You had us along these several years.
We loved one another with agape.
We ate, laughed, wept together
And lived under God’s watchful eyes.

We stood by you when things went rough
Our advice saved you from predators.
We were there for all when the chips were down,
We saw your material needs, we reached out
And in prayers when you didn’t ask.

How you slipped away when we held you close
Is still a shock to us.
You shunned our calls, ignored our talks
Lied to mum
And changed your ways like a chameleon.

The guy was fun in many ways.
He sometimes spoke of God and life
And quickly switched to something else.
Talk is cheap and maybe free
Was his so spiced with honeycomb?

You saw his dark parts, didn’t you?
His tender eyes changed to something black
His smile disappeared quite suddenly
His anger brewed like a hurricane
When he didn’t get what he wanted his own way.

For months he charmed you day and night
And broke through all your defenses
You couldn’t stand his words and wooing stance
Until you offered him the chance
To prove to you his ‘manliness’.

Martha our friend, we were there, in the background
We couldn’t get to you as we could before
We visited but you weren’t there.
We advised but you wouldn’t hear
So we held to the Lord Who loved you more.

You went with him in solitude
And gave to him yourself, untouched
A virtuous woman, you were from birth
Your gorgeous body now warmed his bed
You handed your flower to a strange friend.

We saw in your eyes, an awakening.
A sinister soul had preyed on you
And rubbed off his maleficence.
A beast walked through your virgin ground
And plundered all the finest pearls.

The fun sped on between you two
Each day, more exciting than the past
So, there was more to this sweet life
Than all those boring Christian folks
Who saw into the heart, beyond the looks.

Your clothing changed with reckless speed
Your vital parts parts were quite revealed
You rolled your words like cannon balls
You hung your body: a trophy
And seemed to all the perfect girl.

Martha our dear friend,
Where is the beauty Christ put within?
You did not turn away from sin
But put more paint and attractiveness
On the outside so you’d not look weak.

How did you realize that you were just one
Of the many girls your boyfriend used?
How soon did you feel his anger storm?
Remember those days he hit you hard
And flung you straight against the wall?

He hated your presence; he took a break.
You became the cause of all his problems.
He had an excuse for every day.
He said it was your fault: he didn’t want a child.
You are pregnant?! That’s no business of mine!


Your hope was shattered; your life stood still.
All your joys vanished with the wind.
You drank your tears for many days.
Sickness and leanness came from lack of rest.
You thought to take your life; you stopped and came to us.

Martha our sister, don’t hide in shame.
Haven’t you come to surrender all?
Father has loved you all the way,
Grief was hard on us when you walked away.
Come, let us bow our knees before the Lord.

As for your dear child, he is ours too.
We will assist you to raise him up.
We are brethren, one family in Christ.
Don’t stray, don’t let the past haunt you.
Welcome back, Jesus Christ makes you whole.

-E. Luminous Aghosa.

8 Replies to “MARTHA’S LOVE TALE”

  1. The flow of the events was really captivating and the sad take of many children of God. In this end times, we need the spirit of discernment to know the different kinds of character we have around us. This is a call to beware of deception by what seem like light but is actually darkness; to be alert and vigilant because the devil is looking for whom to devour. The conclusion of the story reminds us of Christ’s Redeeming Love so, no matter how we stray, we must rise from the ashes of sin and receive His forgiveness and a New Beginning. More importantly, Christians need to intercede for each other and be joyful when prodigals return instead of turning them away. God bless you brother.

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  2. This is very moving, and telling, and accurately describing the destruction left by those damaged sociopaths who can be described by narcissistic personality disorder. Would that more could learn to recognize them behind their charming facade. At the same time, it accurately portrays the grace, love, acceptance, and redemption found with Jesus and those who are truly His.

    Liked by 1 person

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