If you grew up in a loving family,
Be thankful.
Many wish they had that
But don’t.
They may have been spared much hurt.

If you grew up feeling secure,
Be grateful.
Many were abused by nearest kin,
It hurts.
They would have been spared undue shame.

If you grew up knowing Jesus,
Be reverent.
Many wish they have the light,
They don’t.
You may be their only map to Light.

Show love to the hurting,
It helps.
Give friendship to the abused.
It mends.
Show Christ to the lost
He saves.

If you are hurt, abused, lost,
Dear friend,
Don’t give up.
There is hope for you.
You are the reason He came.
Jesus can make you whole.

E. Luminous Aghosa.

3 Replies to “HURT, LOST AND ABUSED?”

  1. Amen!!! We must cultivate an attitude of gratitude in all circumstances. No matter what comes, we can be sure that Christ has our best interest at heart and will make all work together for our good: the beautiful and ugly; the joyful and sorrrowful as well as the good and bad. With Jesus in our boat, we can smile at all life’s storms.

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