So the sweet romance began
For two lovely Christian folks:
Kate, a gorgeous twenty eight,
Mat, a handsome twenty six.

Kate was one time in the world.
To seek pleasure she was taught.
Both her parents, friends and peers
Said that fun was greatest gain.

Mat was innocent and free,
Free to live by Christ within.
From the earliest of his years,
He was captured by the Lord.

Mat had passions in his heart,
Katey’s image in his eyes
And the pressure of each day:
Kate in an intimate way.

Kate could not control herself
Anytime that Mat was near
And she knew a move from him
Would make her give in to sin.

Even though they were engaged,
And the wedding day was near,
Waves of passion, high and wide
Put both their faiths to the test.

Mat called Frank, an older friend
And explained his helplessness.
Frank advised and prayed with Mat,
There came peace and rest of mind.

Kate met Mary in the yard,
Spoke of burdens on her heart.
Mary smiled and helped her out,
Kate had peace and rest of mind.

There are times when love holds back
Not because of fear or need
But for honour, care and grace
So God has the highest praise.

There are times when love holds back
It is wisdom in display,
Turn to Hebrews thirteen four
And be sure God understands.


-E Luminous Aghosa.


  1. This well capture the struggle in Christian romantic relationship and life generally. The temptation to sin and give in to the flesh will be there but total surrender to the Holy Spirit and delaying gratification for the sake of the Lord is the best choice. One life in Christ is all we have. God bless you for yet another great message.

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