They told me I came naked.
What does that even mean?
No clothes, no nothing.
I couldn’t believe it.
Whose fault was it?
They said it was normal:
People come that way.
But then they shocked me:
People also leave that way.
They said it’s normal:
No one takes anything from here.
It’s the way it is:
A baby comes naked;
The dead leave naked.
You bathe the baby;
You wash the corpse.
What about the clothes and shoes?
The cars, houses and the pride of them?
They said it’s normal:
They all stay here and rot:
All those things and the pride of them.
One wise man called them vanity.
What does that even mean?
No value, use or profit.
What about food we enjoy?
They said it’s normal:
Food eaten ends with the corpse.
And the corpse goes naked
To the worms.
Why do people kill to have these things?
They said it’s normal:
People fight for what matters to them.
Even if its not worth it?
It’s worth it to them.
Or so they think.
Isn’t it terrible to be naked?
They said it’s normal:
When there’s something to hide.
Is it even possible to have nothing to hide?
They said it’s normal:
For newborns, who don’t know anything;
For the dead, who have no care;
For those who have lost all
And can’t loose more by speaking truth;
For those who know that
Our clothes
Do not hide,
Our safes
Do not keep out of sight and
Our hidden thoughts
Are bare to our Maker.
These are thankful for nakedness.
Wouldn’t you, like the newborn
Be thankful to be naked,
To the nurses and your mother
Who care for you while you can’t?
In same way are these thankful
To the Creator Who cares for them while they can’t.

With these thoughts on my nascent mind,
I found myself thankful that I came naked,
And that I will go naked.
What difference will going naked make?
I have always been naked.
And since I am naked to the One
Who loved me as much as to give His own life for me,
Then, I am deeply thankful.
So, let this journey of life be safe
As I walk naked,
Trusting the One Who knows the Way.

-E. Luminous Aghosa.

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