The problem

It’s shocking what politics can make one Christian become to another. Before the elections, personal debates lead to keeping malice with other Christians. The anger generated during elections could set planet earth on fire while all the mockery and shaming could freeze the oceans. After the elections, hatred finds its way into some hearts. Fellowship, both with the Lord and other Christians is broken. People who were brothers and sisters before the elections unfriend, block, and spit unbelievable insults at one another.

It is quite rare to see many believers exerting so much zeal towards a cause as they do in times of political tensions. Much less zeal is applied for the cause of living completely to Jesus Christ, Who Himself is the true Lord of the world. There is much violence in political matters but hardly much effort to press into the Kingdom of God. Yet, each Christian should be a radical in the Kingdom (Mat. 11:12).

Sometimes I fear that because of a political cause, believers may take up physical arms (in addition to the emotional, verbal and attitudinal arms) and fight against other believers. Unfortunately, this has happened before and no amount of tears is enough to shed over such happenings.

The cost

The cost of one Christian, one who is born of God is the Life of the Lord Jesus. For the sake of the precious blood of Christ, can we lay down our allegiance to various human lords, political parties, ideologies and whatever has put a stumbling block in the way of the precious body of Christ? If your opinion will break fellowship with the Spirit (grieve the Spirit) and the saints, why not lay it at the Master’s feet? There is need to disengage from all that will bring division to the body of Christ. For the Love of Christ, please be reconciled to your brethren.

The cure

Here are a few ways to go about resolving differences:

1. each one should realize that only the Lord Jesus is worthy of total devotion.

2. anything that can bring division and enmity to the body of Christ should be laid at the Master’s Feet. Let it be put to rest, even if you feel you are right (an exception is the case of believers sinning against the Lord and the church and refusing to repent). 1 Corin. 8:13; Matthew 18:15-17.

3. each member of the body of Christ is as costly as the precious blood of Jesus. Do not be that person who tramples precious pearls under his feet.

4. ask the Lord Jesus to help you to give Him total devotion and to break away from every thing that tries to put asunder what He has joined together. The Body of Christ is one.

5. walk in the Spirit, walk in love then you will not fulfil the desires of the flesh (Gal. 5:15)

…endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace…(Ephesians 4:1-6).

*For further insight on how to relate with politics and elections while upholding complete allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ, read the article “A WORD ABOUT POLITICAL ELECTIONS” by Frank Viola.

For a thorough understanding of what allegiance to the Lord Jesus entails, get the book:

Insurgence: Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom by Frank Viola.

I have no personal benefits for these recommendations other than your greater conformity to Christ.

Also read: Extremism: Does Lord Jesus really expect us to go this far?


  1. Thank you for always reminding us to focus on Jesus, and to stir up the zeal for God. We as modern day Christians really need to sit up; if we’re full of the spirit, no believer would even consider fighting over politics.

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