If the Father did this, what else would He not do? This is assurance in the midst of the storms.

Reflections on the post: “Undeserved”


Love came down from high above

From heights beyond any human had known

In realms Pure, Noble, invisible

Sat the Holy One, the King Eternal, Immortal, Invincible

His Glory filled all the heavens

Streams of fire flowed from His Presence

The Lord, Majestic in Power and Splendor

Both in praise, worship, thanks- what great Dominion

His Glory dimmed the brightest stars

They all were shadows in His Light

His Power, unquestionably the Highest Might

What Majestic sight, what Grand Delight

Now, this is all too much for me

Why this Great One will care to see

A mortal, man, someone like me

So weak and pale, somewhat a flea

He looked upon all He had made

And settled for a human shade

What am I that You regard me?

A son of man, You visit him?

I am weak, You are All-Strong

You are All-Right, I’m oft wrong

You are…

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